Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bronze Beauty: how to get that bronze glow without the sunspots

I apologize that my makeup Monday post is a little late--an out of town trip turned makeup Monday into do-over Tuesday. Nevertheless, since the summer is growing so much closer to ending (tear), I would like to share some of the summer's best bronzers that you can wear on your face year round.

High End:

Nars Bronzing Powder courtesy of Sephora 
Nars Bronzing Powder goes on smoothly and is the perfect kiss of sunshine. Apply it to the temples, sides of the cheeks and at the hairline with a buff brush to get just a hint of it tan. It comes in 3 great colors so you can match your skin.

Downside: It's $36 for the compact. It hurts the wallet but it does last a long time if used as directed (you never want an all-over-bronzed face or else you will be in danger of the Snooky look). 

Mid Range:

Tarte Mineral Bronzer courtesy of Sephora
Tarte Mineral Bronzer is skin-loving and good for you. It brushes on lightly and gives a healthy, natural glow. The minerals are good for your skin too! This is my go-to powder because my skin loves it and it blends perfectly.

Downside: not too many colors. They have had 2 or 3 different options available in the past but Sephora has only Park Avenue Princess right now which is perfect for me but might now be right for everyone.


Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder 
The Body Shop has some of the most luscious stuff and this is no exception. A matte bronze, this gives a hint of color for those who don't like glitter with their bronze. It comes in 4 colors so color matching to your skin is easier, at $19 regular price it is not so inexpensive, but it is on sale for the end of the season and at $9.50 it's a steal! 

Downsides: Not necessarily for sensitive skin. I've had mixed results with Body Shop makeup and some of it irritates my sensitive skin. Chances are this powder will be just fine for most.