Sunday, August 18, 2013

Find of the Week: Smooth, Silky Hair

Sorry for the absence--I've been out of town but that hasn't stopped me from discovering great new products that I just have to share. It has been a rainy August so far and my new short do is acting up in the way of piles of frizz. So far, I've found this stuff to work the best to tame that mane: Extreme Smooth Combing Creme from Vidal Sassoon.

From Vidal Sassoon. com
It works great as a work-through when applied all over to damp hair and as a tamer to apply after the do is done and throughout the day to keep that frizz down! Also, only about $4 at your local drug store. How awesome is that? 

Downside: it isn't a hard hold so you may have to re-apply throughout the day rather than set it and done. If you like your smooth to last, I recommend a firm hairspray to keep the hairdo in place.